Head Coach Gary Alexander wasn’t ready to make any excuses for the loss, and wasn’t happy with how the team came out to play to start the game. 

“We started flat again. You give them a lead when you have short numbers like that you don’t always come back. Excuses are for losers. We just didn’t play well,” he says.

 One area that particularly plagued the Huskies was penalties and the penalty kill. Overall the Huskies discipline was decent, but three powerplay goals were too much to overcome. 

“We were sloppy in our own end. We didn’t play our positioning like we had been on the penalty kill and it cost us. At the same token we have three or four guys recovering from the fly and haven’t had a lot of ice time in the last seven or eight days, but like I said excuses, excuses but it all adds up here and there.” 

Scoring in order for the Huskies were Jordan Harder, Dayne Pedersen, Cayle Bell, Dayne Pedersen, and Shane Rutherford. Assists went to John Apsassin (3), Brighton Campbell, Tyson Glass, Taylor Greatrex, Lien Miller-Jeannotte, and Daylen Pearson.

 Next for the Huskies is a home game tonight at the North Peace Arena at 8 p.m. against the Slave Lake Wolves.