Tuesday coldest November day in Fort St. John since 2006

Environment Canada says the current cold spell will continue for at least another day, as its hourly readings already show another minus 29, at 1 a.m., 2 a.m., and 4 a.m. this morning. Yesterday’s high temperature was only minus 22.8 and today the forecast calls for something similar, with wind chill temperatures of minus 30 to minus 40.

However, by tomorrow morning, the temperature should rise to minus 19 and then we can look for more snow – about five centimetres is the current estimate. By Friday, the high is predicted to get to minus 8 and by Saturday to at least zero, which also likely means, although the forecast makes no reference to it yet, a strong southwest wind.

Getting back to snowfall and precipitation numbers, we added nothing more than a trace yesterday, but did make some minor adjustments to the monthly unofficial, running totals. The snowfall amount has been moved up to 40.9 centimetres, and the precipitation total to 38.7 millimetres, and they’re now about 10 centimetres and 10 millimetres ahead of the November norms.


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