Public gets a glance at proposed 2014 operating budget

There is $1.135 million in proposed operating projects, which could be covered by increasing tax revenue by six per cent, using 2.7 per cent of Fair Share Funds, and $1.08 million from the Tax Stabilization Reserve.

Among the projects are $250,000 for discussions on Fair Share renewal and $50,000 for a Facilities Master Plan, and $250,000 for further dealings with the proposed Site C dam, which would be covered by B.C. Hydro. The Master Transportation Plan that was postponed last year has reappeared at a cost of $150,000 in 2014 and $70,000 in 2015, as well as another $125,000 for the Downtown Action Plan.

The next step is for the operating budget to be finalized on November 25.


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