Four Fort St. John Elks speed skaters qualify for B.C. Winter Games

Qualifying for the B.C. Winter Games in February were Colton Johnson, Kaden Hagen, Renee Kalkman, and Eryn Stickel. In order to make it to the games, the skaters needed to finish in the top two of their age groups. 

Renee Kalkman took home 4,000 points for the Elks at the meet and also finished in first place in all of her events. Eryn Stickel registered 2,591 points and had her best showing in 400 metre, and 1,500 metre events where she finished in second place.

Kaden Hagen took home 2,664 points for the Elks over the weekend, and Colton Johnson scored 2,814 points, including a second place finish in the 500 metre event.



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