Another November start with less than 10 centimetres of snow likely

If the seven day forecast is accurate, there should be light snow tomorrow, but then nothing more prior to next Thursday. So, for the second year in a row, the city will post a total of less than 10 centimetres in the first two weeks of November, since there were only three recorded in the same period last year. 

However, that’s not to suggest this month has a recent history of minor snowfall amounts, provided you’re prepared to consider the last two decades as recent history. In fact, we finished last November with 54.5 centimetres, including double digit dumps of 10 and 15.6 on the 19th and 29th respectively. 

Those who have been here 20 years can also remember November of 1995 when the local airport weather station recorded 99/1 centimetres. They can also remember the following year when the station posted 89.6 including 24 on the 9th, which remains the single day record for the month.


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