Mierau Contractors out of Abbotsford were also previously hired as the construction manager to deal with the specifications and design ahead of time. 

The old hospital has been sitting mostly empty at the corner of 100 Avenue and 96 Street since the new hospital opened in June 2012, and the land and building owned by Northern Health has gone through an extensive repurposing process. 

“We are at the final stages of a long procurement process that we’ve done,” explains Regional Director of Capital Planning and Support Services Mike Hoefer. “We’ve basically gone through all of the lengthy steps required to look at how the building could or can’t be utilized alternatively before getting to this stage.” 

After a report on its condition was finished, it then had to be considered for use by another provincial government agency, then by the municipality, and then was offered to the private sector. There were no bids on the building itself, but Hoefer expects to get offers on the land as the building is deconstructed.  

“We’ll be working with our buying agent to try and market the land,” says Hoefer. 7:32 “At some point it will become appealing enough to start to see offers.”

Anything usable from inside the building has also been salvaged, and Napp now has the rights to whatever’s left. The complete abatement and deconstruction of the building is expected to be finished by June 2014, with site grading and cleanup starting in April. 

“Then it’s basically just a bare site with a ‘For Sale’ sign,” Hoefer explains. 

Unfortunately for looky-loos, there will be no need for any dynamite or explosions used in the demolition.