MacLeod is quoted as saying, “I can say that we have been to the property, and that we are certainly following up with further investigation.”

Terry McLeod is currently spending the winter in Arizona, and Ron MacLeod notes there was “not much going on” on the snow-covered property. However, at this time, other than confirming he intends to have further discussions with the property owner, the enforcement officer says he can’t comment further on the investigation.

The ALC considered and rejected McLeod’s application this summer on the basis that the land is of good agricultural quality, and the development could be accommodated on nearby land.

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm, who repeatedly advocated for the project prior to being appointed Agriculture Minister, has spurred calls for his resignation from the NDP opposition and critics who say he committed an ethical blunder. They also fear the government is planning to tamper with the mandate and function of the commission.

Dermod Travis, the Executive Director, of Integrity B.C. and one of the most vocal critics, has launched a petition calling on the government to call off any ALC changes it may be considering.

A scathing 2010 government audit slammed the Commission’s lack of on-the-ground enforcement in areas outside the Lower Mainland and South Coast, but the agency says it will hire a new enforcement officer soon.

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