Before presenting his cabinet colleagues with the proposal to overhaul the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve, Pimm was admonished by the commission for his aggressive lobbying to remove the parcel of land from the reserve.

On May 13, Pimm wrote a letter in support of the application by McLeod.  The MLA also participated in a tour of The Horse Park with the ALC at the end of May.  Pimm was not named Minister of Agriculture until after his letter and visit with the Commission in June of this year.

The Agricultural Land Commission had said Pimm’s representation on behalf of the rodeo and RV campsite development in Fort St. John was “not appropriate.”

In an August letter rejecting the application a second time, the commission said the actions of Pimm and the city mayor “could create the impression for both the commission and the public that these officials were attempting to politically influence the commission.” The letter makes note that the land reserve exists to shield the province’s farmland from “expedient and short-sighted” decisions.

Cabinet documents leaked to the Globe and Mail newspaper outlined a proposal from Pimm to modernize the Agricultural Land Commission, the Crown agency that manages 4.7 million hectares of land set aside
for agriculture in B.C. Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett says Pimm’s proposal was an older document that has since been rejected, but he says the Liberal government is considering minor changes to the commission’s existing structure.

Integrity B.C. has also called for Pimm to resign over the matter.