The file is the application by Terry McLeod to remove the Horse Park on the Swanson Lumber Road near Fort St. John from from Agricultural Land Reserve.

According to Integrity B.C., executive director Dermod Travis. “Ministers don’t interfere in the work of judicial or quasi-judicial tribunals and – if they do – they resign.”  

On May 13, the then MLA,  wrote a letter in support of the application by McLeod.  The MLA also participated in a tour of the Horse Park with the Agricultural Land Commission at the end of May.  Pimm was not named Minister of Agriculture until after his letter and visit with the Commission in June of this year.

In an article from the Globe and Mail earlier this week, it was revealed that Pimm had drafted a cabinet memo to move the ALC into his Ministry and transfer much of its decision-making power to the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission.