Scott Selin is the Branch Manager for the Royal Bank of Canada in FortSt. John. He says the donation is part of a program by RBC aimed at helping young people across the country.

“Our After School Program is a multi-year commitment to support community-based organizations to provide children and youth with structured, supervised activities that enhance safety, social skills and self esteem,” he explains. β€œOn October 3rd, RBC announced a five-year, $100 million commitment to improve the well-being of over one million children and youth.”

Anita Lee is the Executive Director at the Fort St. John Friendship Centre. She says the extra cash will be a great help to the youth, making it easier to cover the costs associated with the program.

“The wonderful donation that we received from RBC goes to assist with the costs associated with our Keeginaw Kids After School Program. This particular program is for kids 6-12 years of age,” she says. “Transportation is a huge issue in our communit,y as well as affordable daycare spaces. Our program, because of the support of RBC and the way we’ve worked our programs and services and other contracts, is an amazing program in the community and it helps a lot of families.”

The donation will help cover a number of costs including food, fuel, costs of activities and helping to ensure the safety of the children involved with the program.