When Cranston arrived to play for the team, the squad had already been together through training camp leaving Cranston to find a place to fit in while the team was already familiar with each other.

“My role is still in motion. When I got here I arrived three days before out first game. The team had already gone through a whole preseason together and was very use to each other so I just tried to find a place to be,” she explains. “The first few games I played a supporting role then I moved in and out of starting for the next few. My roles are constantly changing but my goals aren’t. I have small goals in every area of my game that I want to improve and the biggest one is consistency.”

Her time in France has been quite the adjustment. In a typical day, aside from practice that runs through most of the afternoon, she takes time to to brush up on her French that is offered to foreigners on the team.

Dana and her squad won their last game three sets to one against Vannes and have a game coming up tomorrow evening.