Morrison says that he’s been pleased with his training up to this point, which included overcoming some smaller injuries in the process, after breaking his left fibula in December 2012.

“It’s been really good. I was struggling with a couple of small injuries over the summer but basically last week I finally started to feel like I was 100 per cent and be able to do maximum effort starts and posted the fastest laps I’ve done in years,” he says.

This weekend the World Cup season officially gets underway in Calgary. and Morrison will be one of the many skaters taking part. He says looking forward to the event.

“I’m really excited for it. It will be my first races at the top level of international competition where I’m not 10 days off of recovering from injury,” he explains. “I’m really excited to see where I stand in the world and see if the training I’ve been doing is going to put me back in the top tier of athletes.”

Morrison is hoping to really hone in on his execution on the track, noting that is the main thing that is going to lead to wins.

“The goal is to really work on execution,” he states. “Ultimately, I do all the training and everything I do is to try and win races so that will be the goal, but you don’t win races by focusing on the result; you win races by focusing on the execution of the race.” 

The World Cup event in Calgary goes Friday through Sunday. After that, Morrison will then take part in the World Cup event in Salt Lake City, Utah November 15-17.