That was nearly seven degrees more than the high of 9.9 in Vancouver, and it was four degrees better than the Victoria high of 12.6. 

However, while it didn’t extend south to lotus land, the record warm weather did extend east right across border into the Alberta Peace. The high in Dawson Creek was 18.7 and Grande Prairie registered a record of high of 20. 

However, if Environment Canada’s current forecast is accurate, this was very much a one day event, as today’s forecast high is only nine degrees. While that’s still nearly double the norm of five for this time of year, it is also only about half of today’s record of 17.2 set in 1974. 

In addition, if the current weekend predictions are accurate, the high on Sunday will slip below freezing to minus 2. However, that too could be a one day event, as plus 2 is the forecast Monday high, and by Thursday, it’s predicted we’ll be back to double digits.