Crossfit gyms from both B.C. and Alberta will be taking part in the third annual event.

Crossfit Coach Tara Maddigan says the gym is hoping to raise $5,000 for the event, but has also taken notice of the $9,000 raised by another Crossfit gym.

“We’re hoping for $5,000. That’s our goal. [The] top gym right now is almost nine so obviously we want top spot,” she explains. “We’re just going to try and collect what we can; we only have a week. We just became aware of this only two weeks ago and got on board, so we have had a very limited amount of time to fundraise but we’re working our butts off.”

Crossfit athletes that want to take part have the choice of competing in the 24 hour event, or shorter events including the 12 and six hour stints. 

Members of the public are encouraged to come and root for the Crossfit athletes during the gruelling event and they can also contribute to the cause if they wish.

“People can still come down. They can check it out. They can donate right there on the spot to the Special Olympics and it will give them a glimpse of what Crossfit is about,” Maddigan says.

Aside from getting a good night’s sleep prior to the event, athletes should consider bringing what they need to be comfortable for the event including changes of clothes, sleeping bags, toothbrushes, food, and water.