Holubowich appeared before the National Parole Board late last week. The board denied his application for full parole but ruled he could be released with evening restrictions. 

Larose adds that it seems from social media that people feel sorry for 23 year old Brenden Holubowich, who was recently sentenced to three years in prison. The families of Matthew Deller, 16; Vincent Stover, 16; Walter Borden-Wilkens, 15; and Tanner Hildebrand, 15, as well as survivor Zak Judd, were also outraged with his sentencing, saying it was too lenient.

The fatal crash occurred on October 22, 2011 when Holubowich’s pickup truck collided with a car carrying five members of the Warriors football team from Grande Prairie Composite High School in October 2011. He initially fled the scene, but was later taken into RCMP custody. Then 15 year old Judd was pulled from the wreckage and survived.

Holubowich admitted to driving up to 151 kilometres per hour on a stretch of road south of Grande Prairie, which has an 80 kilometre per hour speed limit and upon impact, was travelling 120 kilometres per hour. 

CTV also reports it’s expected Holubowich is expected to be transferred to a halfway house once a bed becomes available. To read the full CTV Edmonton article, click here.