In addition to getting alesson on the importance of exercising and eating healthy, Mayor Fred Jarvis says the event also teaches the children about cooperation. 

“We’ve really got to work on the young people to help them get away from that ‘me’ world,” he argues. “It’s ‘us’, it’s ‘we’, and I think these sorts of things help that as well.” 

Between 160 students, their teachers, and parent helpers, walking from the school to the hall and waiting patiently to be served takes a great deal of working together and patience. Jarvis says he was impressed by how well behaved everyone was, especially the younger children. 

Taylor Elementary Principal Doug McCracken echoes that sentiment, saying the breakfast is a lesson in appreciating what others do in the community. 

“This is a wonderful thing that the District of Taylor does,” he says. “It’s awesome that they’re willing to take the time and do all the work, set it all up, do all the cooking and provide a good, healthy breakfast for the kids.” 

Many of the adults in attendance took part in the Healthy Walk to Breakfast when they were younger, and Jarvis says he loves to watch the community unite.