Playing several recognizable and danceable rock songs, Brouwer showed the group, which also included intermediate students from Robert Ogilvie, that great stories can evoke the same feelings as great music. 

“It’s not about reading and writing, it’s about reading and writing as a delivery system for one of the coolest things ever: story,” he says. “So if we motivate kids to look for story through their reading and writing, their reading and writing is going to get better by default.” 

He argues that when the children start going to the library looking for stories that give them the feelings they like, it’s no different than listening to music. 

During his presentation, instead of giving the students writing tips, Brouwer showed them the attitude they should have when they’re writing. After playing a few amateur riffs on his guitar, he illustrated that at their age they’re not bad writers, just beginners, like he is with the instrument. He also taught them that just like professional music is edited, they can use their teachers to help them edit their work, and that they should always have a good time. 

“The last thing when you’re a rock and roll writer, you just gotta have fun and not care what anyone else thinks, because you’re putting stories down to have fun” he concluded. 

Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier followed up by telling the room about how he worked towards his goal of being in the NHL, emphasizing making healthy choices, like keeping a healthy diet, sleeping well, and exercising. 

“When I was eight years old, I had a dream to play in the National Hockey League; I wanted to play in the greatest league in the world,” he says. “In the summer time I figured I’ve got to practice a lot, so I’d have a little tennis ball and a hockey stick by the front door, and I’d stick handle a tennis ball all the way down to the barn.”

He also spoke about how their friends, family, teachers and coaches can support them in achieving their dreams.

A special Fort St. John edition of the duo’s book, Legend Pursuit, will be given to each student that attends their presentation, thanks to their sponsors. Brouwer and Trottier will be at several other North Peace schools this week.