Sandra Cushway got the information between PVOSB and the Ministry of Environment through costly Freedom of Information requests, and will be sharing her findings at a public meeting later this month.

“There are 6,190 pages of them. We will be going through those and letting the public know what’s in them,” she says, adding, “It’s right in there in black and white. It speaks for itself.” 

The Ministry is currently reviewing the mill’s application to use the new resin MDI, short for methlyne diphenyl diiocyanate, in its production of its oriented strand boards, which has been met by strong opposition by Cushway and several residents. As it was deemed a “major” amendment to its permit, PVOSB was required to advertise and consult with the public, which resulted in an open house in January 2013. 

Much of the public concern is health-based, as well as a clear distrust for Louisiana-Pacific, the company that runs the mill. However, PVOSB staff have maintained it is safe to use, and would increase production and quality. 

The public meeting will be held on October 15 at 7 p.m. at Baldonnel Elementary School.