Waking up the oil and gas industry to the issue of workplace fatigue

“Compounded by the labour shortage, fatigue is a growing safety issue in the workplace,” says Enform President and CEO Cameron MacGillivray. “Today’s launch is an important first step. It represents an industry consensus and recognition that managing the risks associated with fatigue is a top priority and a shared responsibility.”

For instance, according to Alberta Human Services, fatigue can affect a worker in the same way as alcohol, and can impair reaction times, logic or judgement, and memory. It’s advised that a worker have between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep a day, noting that extended work shifts can drastically reduce the amount of time available, accounting for travel, eating and social time. 

Enform says the document has been met with approval from six different industry associations, and it will be used as the first step of a larger campaign to raise awareness of the issue and the development of tools for the industry to combat it.


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