LB Chapman Counstruction has indicated that it would consider doing to work on a reduced scope, and staff has been authorized to start negotiating down from the tender price of $161,000. 

“Part of it’s mobilization costs, so we’ll be talking about that, and reducing the scope and asking for a reduction in unit cost as well,” explains Victor Shopland, Director of Integrated Services. Whatever they’ll give us we’ll take, but the maximum dollar value is $120,000 so that’s as far as we can go.” 

The City says that if the project is able to go ahead, it will have enough inventory of winter sand to match its needs for the next two winters.

The gravel pit was purchased in early 2013 from Glenn Fox for $2.924 million before tax out of reserves from Fair Share Funds in the City’s budget. The aggregate will be used for road construction and water and sewer main projects and is intended to improve the city’s ability to plan for future maintenance as the community grows, and decrease spending. 

It’s expected the pit, which holds between 600,000 and 1,100,000 cubic metres of material, will last between 24 and 44 years.