Defenceman Dayne Pedersen says that it will be nice to be in a competitive environment against someone different than their own teammates, after not having any preseason games scheduled.

“It’s probably going to feel pretty good for the boys,” Pederson says. “We’ve been waiting for a while to finally get going. We haven’t had exhibition games this year, so we’re all pretty anxious to get on the ice.”

He goes on to say that he doesn’t feel the lack of a preseason schedule will have much of an impact on the squad as they open the year. Pedersen looks forward to the team showing what they can do, beginning with Saturday night.

“With the guys we got, I don’t think it’s a big worry. We’re just a big family, and we’ve all played hockey together,” he states. “We’ve all played together for a long time, [we’re] finally ready to get back on the ice as one, and show everybody what we can do for FortSt. John.”

Meanwhile, according to Huskies General Manager Vince Pedersen, the team is excited to hit the road and open the season.

“They’re ready to go, this is early for us this year starting on the 21st, usually we start on the 27th, 28th, somewhere in there,” he says. “Everybody is ready to go, their pumped, they want to do it.”

The squad will feature a new captain this year in Taylor Greatrex after discussion among the coaches and management. Vince says the leadership he brings made him the obvious choice to wear the captain’s C this season.

“Our captain this year will be Taylor Greatrex. It was down in here a week ago, we sat down and talked about it,” he admits. “With his dedication that he has, and his spirit, it was a natural fit.”

Greatrex adds that the appointment caught him off guard, but he feels privileged to be the captain of the team. He also notes that even though he is the captain, everybody needs to set the right example when playing the game.

“A little bit yeah for sure, but either way it felt good. It’s an honour for sure; it makes me feel I can trust them as much as they trust me out there, and trust me to lead the team,” he explains. “I was also the assistant last year, so I think everybody’s got to be a leader on the team, and when everybody’s a leader, it makes your job a lot easier.”  

The Huskies play their first game of the year from the Memorial Arena in Dawson Creek. The opening face-off is slated for 8 p.m.