Rita Eichelberger is one of the organizers responsible for putting on the Taylor event. Her, and her family have been involved since the annual run started over 30 years ago.

“We’ve been doing this since the inception of the Terry Fox Run, I think it’s a fantastic program and event, I think it’s really worthwhile,” she says. “I think all of us one way or another benefit from it. I really encourage people to participate.

Eichelberger goes on to say that when she first got involved with the Terry Fox Run, it was because she was inspired by Terry’s story, and his efforts in his fight against cancer.

“I just liked the story, I was really in awe of this person, I thought he was a hero basically,” she admits. “At the time there was no one I knew that had cancer, but I just totally believed in what he was trying to do, and trying to achieve. Since then we did have family friends who’ve died of cancer, and some that went into remission.”

She continues by saying one of the reasons she keeps on coming back to help put on the event every year is the advancements that have taken place as it relates to cancer research.

“I do see that there’s been a lot of improvements since then when Terry first was diagnosed with cancer, we had about a 33 percent chance of living,” she explains. “And yet today it’s about 80 percent. There was some news recently about a woman that had the same kind of cancer he had in the knee, so instead of amputating the entire leg, they fixed the knee, so there’s been a lot of advancements if people don’t realize it.”

Those who were unable to attend the run, or help in raising funds for the event can still donate to the cause by clicking here. Yesterday’s event raised $1,351.05 in support of cancer research.