Mayor of Fort St. John Lori Ackerman says, that while facilities like the Pomeroy Sport Centre have a key role in all communities, it is important to pay tribute to those who helped pave the way and establish the tradition that sport has within Fort St. John.

“The city understands that recreational facilities are more than just places to go and learn new sports skills, they’re often the heart of the community where the skills needed to become contributing citizens to the community are fostered,” she explains. “We recognize that while we continue to work to create new opportunities for sport in Fort St. John, we would be remiss if we did not include our rich and diverse heritage to help us remember the icons of our past.”

She notes that the artifacts on display help bring significance to triumphs for Fort St. John athletes and brings the community together to celebrate the achievements of local competitors.

“The many trophies and banners located within the facility mark important milestones, and help us to celebrate ourselves, and our successes,” Ackerman says. “The city is committed to being a part of the celebration and to continue to share the stories that go along with them.”

Among the many things on display are a number of pieces from the Fort St. John Flyers Allan Cup winning team. Team President Paul van Nostrand says that the Allan Cup squad is one that holds a special significance on a personal level, and seeing the items showcased brings up a lot of memories.

“I’ve often said to many people that the Allan Cup week was one of the highlights of my whole life. It was such a wonderful time and all the hard work that everyone put in leading up to it, then to have the show that we were able to put on and win it all was terrific, he says. “The one thing that will always be dear to me was when we raised the banners up for Rod Fonteyne, Jimmy Anderson, and Gary Alexander. As my good friend Rory Hipkiss said after that happened, ‘Paul, now it’s a rink.'”

Fort St. John’s Sport Celebration Legacy is located in the middle of the hall through the main doors at the Pomeroy Sport Centre, and also features an interactive section for people of all ages to enjoy.