Cougars Head Coach Bryan MacLean says that Webster created a good first impression with his stature on the ice, and using it to his advantage.

“He’s a good size kid, and he moves around the ice pretty good for a big fella,” MacLean says. “We’re pretty happy with the way he plays, he’s good at using his size to his advantage, and I think he’s going to be able to come in and compete physically in the league and help create space for his linemates.” 

MacLean is counting on Webster being a grinder who has some finesse mixed in with his game as well, and should contribute on the third and fourth line at the start of the year.

When it comes to goalie Lane Delfs, MacLean expects the returning tender to compete when he gets the chance, and the better he plays could result in more starts throughout the season.

“We’re just expecting him to, when he gets in the net, and gets an opportunity to play, to play well and stop the puck,” MacLean explains. “For us, the best players play, so if he’s going to be playing best, he’ll be in the net. 

The Cougars will open the season on September 28 as they skate with the Greater Vancouver Canadians.