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Natural gas line hit in Edgewood Mobile Home Park

“It appears that a gas line may have been hit by some construction in the area,” he explains. “At this point the gas has been turned off by PNG. They will remain on scene in charge until they have a repair crew come and fix it.” 

While the fire department was able to access the area well enough, some residents getting evacuated had difficulty leaving due to large mounds of dirt in pathways. There have been access concerns in the park for some time now, and Stebbing says it’s clear they need to be addressed. 

“We thought that they had been dealt with,” he says. “Obviously there has been some other issues arise, and we will continue to work on those both through the fire department and through the Regional District, who is responsible for the bylaws in this area.” 

PNG has now taken over the investigation of the natural gas leak.

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