Through the first eight days of September we have yet to record a daily high temperature of less than 18 degrees, and the average daily maximum through yesterday was 24. By comparison, the average last month was 21.6, and 17.5 was the best we could do for a high on August 20th

In June and July, the daily maximum averages were both 20.1, and the temperature only reached 11.3 on July 12th, and only 10.8 on June 11th. It should also be noted that what’s occurred so far this month also happened in the first eight days of last September. In fact, in 2012, we didn’t officially record a daily high below 18 degrees until the 10th of the month, when it was only 15.9.

In terms of precipitation, we’re also following last September’s lead thus far this month. There has yet to be a measurable daily amount at the local airport weather station, but in this case we need to go all the way to the 25th – 16 more dry days – to match last year, when the monthly total was only 2.6 millimetres.