According to WorkSafeBC, an earth scraper had gotten stuck in the mud, and was chained to a bulldozer to try and get it out. The worker was removing the chains when a second bulldozer that was also being used struck them from behind, causing fatal head injuries. 

The subsequent investigation found that D. Loewen Enterprises made a number of errors and “failed to ensure the health and safety of all workers at its workplace.” The firm didn’t use the safety tools and guidance detailed in its own safety program and the prime contractor’s safety program when planning the earth scraper’s recovery. 

It also didn’t provide the information, training, and supervision required to ensure its employees’ health and safety during the operation. The work area wasn’t arranged in a safe way for people and equipment to move safely, and lastly, the company didn’t make sure that the earth scraper was able to do the work it was used for safely.

A penalty of $47,250.89 has been issued to the firm.