The B.C. Police Barracks were located on the south side of the Peace River across from the 100th Street lookout. They were in service from 1910 until 1921, and inside was a jail, along with living quarters for police. There was a telegraph line, and people also use the facility for registering mining permits, along with traplines, and homesteads.

The Paddy Carroll Peck Cabin was built in the 1940s by Paddy Carroll, just outside of Fort St. John, en route to Charlie Lake. The building was eventually purchased by Don and Alene Peck, and in the 70s it was used as a store for selling First Nations handicrafts. It was in operation until 1997.

After the ribbon cutting, stories will be told about the Peck Cabin, and the restoration of the B.C. Police Barracks. There will be a show about the relocation of the barracks, and there will be a number of activities for the family including sidewalk art, photographs with the RCMP, and photographs in the mock jail.

The museum is located at 9323 100 Street.