Bryan Bates is with the Fort St. John Drag Racing Association. He says the season was difficult, but a success at the end.

“The season was a tough one for us weather wise. It was nice for us to have our last couple of weekends finish off really well that way,” he says, “and it was new one for us in terms of having an extra club [ in the NPBRA] running races at the track, and working our schedule that way.”

Bates adds that the Fort St. John Drag Racing Association is open to having a similar set up for next season, but it will be up to the members to consider a number of factors.

“It’s up for decision with our membership right now, so we’ll probably have a meeting soon and talk about that,” he explains. “A lot of things that we take into consideration are how easy it is to schedule, what it means in terms of sponsorship and other services for the track, and how the public views the extra events, whether it brings in extra spectators.”

Below are the seven winners from their respective classes from the final weekend of racing at Northern Lights Raceway:

Box Class – Mike Lucas

Bike Sled – Dave Moore

No Box – Kevin Fehr 

Juniors – Mikayla Fedderly 

Pure Street – Miles Graham

Junior Jackpot – Jordan Patterson 

Jackpot – Amber Rutherford