Burns says the weekend was a success, as he looks forward to representing the country in New Zealand.

“The weekend went well, we had a few difficulties, but we overcame them,” he explains. “Overall on the season, we set out to be the Canadian champions because we’re going to the Worlds in New Zealand this year, and it worked out for us.”

The Worlds will be Burns’ second time competing at the event. 

Meanwhile, finishing third for the event was Bob Clarke of Fort St. John. He says it was a solid weekend despite some mechanical issues.

“The weekend went good, the boat ran really good, we had some problems last night,” he admits. “[We] wiped out a pump shaft, but we put it together. We knew it wouldn’t last today, but you gotta go until you have no parts left. We pushed hard, we ran two fast legs today.”

Despite not finishing the fifth leg of the event, Clarke’s times were still good for a top three finish. He goes on to say to course was very fast, and had its challenging sections throughout.

“The circuit part of it is the good part of it. You really get to open the boats up,” he explains. “We were hitting the 140 mile an hour mark down the back stretches, and the corners are a little bit tight so there isn’t much room for passing those big boats because you’re going so fast.”

The races did have a scary moment on Saturday as the boat piloted by Jay Grahn hit some rocks that significantly damaged the front of his boat. Clarke says that thankfully the boat got the worst of the accident, and there was no hard done to Grahn.

“He came around the corner a little wide, and got into the shallow, and spiked a big boulder and destroyed the boat, he’s pretty lucky. He’s pretty good, he’s walking around today” Clarke says.

As it relates to the set up at Peace Island Park, Chad Burns says everything is first class, and looks forward to returning in the future.

“I’d definitely come back here every year, they got a great facility here, the best facility in all of Canada as far as I’m concerned,” he says. “You can camp right where you launch, everything is based out of one spot, it’s really good.”