Lac-Mégantic disaster weighed on Senator Neufeld and energy committee

Although the study began last November, Senator Neufeld says the disaster weighed on him and his colleagues on the Senate energy committee. Neufeld is chairman of the committee and he says, “We were pretty well done looking at all the things we wanted to look at and were in the process of writing the report when that terrible accident happened.”

He adds the explosion focused the committee on the use of rail cars and the issue of liability, and one of the report’s 13 recommendations is that rail companies have enough insurance to cover major accidents. The committee also says each major incident, whether in Canada or beyond our borders, must be carefully examined to learn what went wrong so that steps can be taken to prevent similar accidents in the future.

The July 6th disaster, which killed 47 people and led to a mass evacuation in the community of 6,000, has prompted a criminal investigation and several lawsuits.


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