Group of males posing as line locating company employees in Bessborough

On one occasion, when a resident asked them for identification, they fled the scene in a red truck, of which the make and model and licence plate is unknown. The employer they said they worked for was contacted, and confirmed that none of their personnel was in the rural area on that day. 

Sergeant Scott West says the land owner did the right thing in asking for their credentials, as most companies give their employees with business cards, vehicles and equipment. 

“If a land owner finds someone on their property claiming to be carrying out a lawful activity and the story given just does not seem to match up, do not hesitate to call the RCMP to attend and check into the issue further,” he says. “The larger percentage of these calls that the RCMP investigate turn out to be legitimate business but if questions arise on the part of land owners the RCMP will attend and check into the issue further.”


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