Fort St. John’s Bruce Romak among the top qualifiers at 2013 Northern Nationals

Other top times for today include Len Darnell in the Pro Mod, as he did 6.948 seconds down the strip with a speed of 185 miles per hour. Rob Aston in Pro Street completed his run in 8.332 seconds, and a speed of 169 miles per hour, in the Pro Drag grouping, Doug Casson clocked in at 7.770 seconds, and a speed of 162 miles per hour.

Laurence Sprangers in Super Street went down the strip in 8.442, with a speed of 167 miles per hour. In the V-Rod category, Nick Allen had the fastest time, clocking in at 9.419 seconds. His speed was unavailable. Burke Green in Super Gas, Don Fergin in Super Bike, Jeff Pitre in Stock XL, and Marc Guillet in VPro were all the top performers in their group, however their official times and speeds are also not available.

The elimination portion of the weekend will take place tomorrow, with racers returning to the strip at 12:30 p.m.


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