Phil Hiscock is the head instructor at the camp. He says that the camps featuring the younger children, focus on making improvements to fundamentals with skating.

“With the youngest kids, we’re just trying to make sure that they are gliding properly,” he says. “We want them to have their feet upright, and that they can start and stop, and do some crossovers.

As it relates to those older enrolled at the camp, Hiscock adds that trainers can go more into more specialized instruction to help round out a player’s game on the ice.

“We can get a little more technical, working on acceleration with some more power, or opening up their hips.” Hiscock explains.

The goalie camp meanwhile, is being led by Fort St. John Huskies netminder Travis McLean. Hiscock says the goalies have been working on being quick inside the net.

“We definitely focus heavy on crease movements, because I’m a firm believer that as you move up in hockey, with goaltending, it’s just about getting into position faster,” he says. “Once you’re in position, it’s just a matter of making the saves.”

The power skating camp runs through the end of tomorrow at the Pomeroy Sport Centre.