Over 100 adults and children walked and ran in the Saturday, August 24 fundraiser, which also included Zumba and yoga sessions, along with a kid’s dash.

Volunteer Ryan Lai says he is very impressed with how much was raised at a first-time event, and says organizers have already decided to “absolutely” hold it for a second time next year. 

“You know this is a really good event when you see that kind of response,” he says. “Speaking with the organizers, they were pretty much on board with saying, ‘yeah, we totally need to do this again’.” 

The cause was a close one to Lai’s heart, having lost his father to cancer 11 years ago, and says the best part is that all the money raised will stay in B.C. He also emphasizes that the event was not just about raising money, but also about paying tribute to the memories of those who are fighting, have overcome, or lost their lives to the disease. 

“It’s to celebrate that passion for life,” he says. “It’s basically to say, ‘yes, you have left us, but you’re definitely not going to be forgotten about. One day we will find a cure; we will beat this thing no matter what.” 

Lai hopes to see double the amount of participants next year, and double the amount raised.