Benson says that the games were a great experience, and that it was the first time she had been surrounded by so many athletes at an event.

“The games were pretty amazing. I’ve never seen that many athletes in one place before. It was really neat to be in the middle of it for a whole week,” she says.

Nerves played a part for Benson, especially in the lead up to her events.

“[I] definitely got nervous, usually a full day before my race,” she explains. “Especially my first one, sitting in the stands, and it was a pretty big atmosphere and watching everyone compete.”

Her first event was the steeplechase, where she finished in seventh. Despite having a few mishaps in previous races, she was confident enough to let things play out as she prepared for the race.

“I’ve had a couple experiences with the steeplechase. I’ve done it twice, and both times I’ve fallen in the first water pit,” she admits. “It still feels like a new race for me, so I was thinking about the hurdles, and counting on, once I got into the race, that the race would just play itself out.”

Benson will next rejoin her Trinity Western University teammates next week as training camp gets underway for the upcoming season. The first races will be in October, with nationals in November in Ontario.