City, New Line Skateparks aiming to stay on schedule despite outside interference

Sarah Cockerill is the Director of Community Services, and she says that if the trespassers continue hindering the completion of the work at the site, the opening date may be pushed back.

“If kids are in there, and skating on non cured concrete, that will definitely have an impact on the opening,” she explains. The tagging that’s been going on in there has happened a couple of times, and New Line will have to take time to get if off before we open.”

She adds that aside from potentially delaying the opening of the skate park, there are also concerns about safety with people using the site before it is ready, and the RCMP could also get involved as well. 

“It’s a safety issue, there’s open rebar everywhere, their obviously doing this in the evening, so there’s a lot of safety concerns from our perspective,” Cockerill says. “We’d love to hear about it, and it’s reportable to the RCMP.”

The city hopes to have an update on an open date by the end of Thursday.

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