The subsequent investigation also revealed what appeared to be bullet holes through the bedroom window of an apartment, which Corporal Roy Kennedy says police believe are related to the bear spray. They’re also investigating what led to the incident, including whether there was a confrontation beforehand. 

“We’re trying to see who deployed the bear spray versus who fired the rounds into the building,” Kennedy explains, “because we know that the bear spray was sprayed inside the building, and the shots, we’re trying to determine where those came from.” 

A male was arrested at the scene on outstanding warrants, but his involvement is still under investigation. No injuries have been reported. 

The case sounds eerily familiar to Fort St. John residents, after shots were fired and pepper spray used in two separate incidents in the early morning hours at the Marquis Centre apartment building, in addition to shots fired at two hotel rooms at Northwoods Inn and at a home on 96 Street, all within two weeks in July. 

Fort St. John RCMP says all of those crimes are believed to be linked to the drug trade in the city, and although it’s too early to say for sure, police in Grande Prairie are looking at that as a possibility for its case as well. As with the attacks in Fort St. John, RCMP says it does not believe it was a random incident, and therefore does not pose an immediate risk to the public. 

“We don’t necessarily know if it was targeted or just done out of aggression, but the public shouldn’t be alarmed that there’s someone taking pot shots at residences,” says Kennedy. “The people of Grande Prairie and hopefully Fort St. John should feel relatively safe, but the RCMP the City of Grande Prairie both take this very seriously, and will work to ensure the safety of everybody in the city, that’s for sure.” 

All incidents are still under investigation.