Although much of the applicable land is outside of the District’s boundaries, activity on them may have an impact, and those within the District will impact gravel mining and water infrastructure. One parcel in particular is within the District and its Fire Protection Area, including Peace Island Park and the pumphouse. 

At its meeting Tuesday night, District Council put a number of caveats on that parcel, which the potential purchaser must adhere to when beginning operations on the land. They include mandatory consultation with the District on emergency response plans, which must be submitted to the Taylor Fire Department before drilling, as well protection for Taylor’s water supply. 

“We want to make sure that anybody that buys the parcels are aware that we have these interests in these lands and how they could affect our infrastructure, explains Administrator Charlotte McLeod. “Anybody buying that land has to consult with us, and then they tell us what they plan to do, and then we can say, ‘Well, wait a minute, we’re concerned about this, we don’t want you to go near this area.’” 

The caveats will remain on the land titles permanently.