After finishing his education at Oxford University, Moran moved to Dawson Creek in 1971 where he met his wife Marie O’Brien. They married in 1973 and raised three children together: Tim, Christine, and Andy. 

Moran passed away this past May 2013, and the university has set up a scholarship for students taking University Arts and Sciences English courses in his name. He’s remembered by friends and colleagues as a kind man with an infectious sense of humour, with a passion for language. 

“I knew Harry when he was an English instructor at the College,” Donna Kane, executive director of the NLC Foundation. “His love of words was evident in everything he said and wrote. He had the kind of intelligence that saw the value of all words, and this is often where his humour would come in. He could quote the classics and create a limerick in the same breath.” 

In addition to teaching, Moran also helped publish two creative writing anthologies, Treeline I and Treeline II, featuring writers from across northern British Columbia in the 1980s. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the award should contact Donna Kane at or 250-784-7613.