The event was the 41st annual and conditions were great, with lots of spectators out over the weekend. Rea found 14 flakes in just over two minutes in round one of the competition. Second place finisher Denis Piche found 15 flakes, but did so in 139 seconds.

In round two, Rea was the top finisher once again as he found five flakes in 39.5 seconds. Dave Coupland was second after he found five flakes as well, but needed 60 seconds to do so. In third was Dirk Vanderzalm. He needed just under 74 seconds to discover five flakes.

In the speed round, Ken Monte found his flake in a blistering time of 5.54 seconds. That time was almost a full seven seconds better than second place finisher Dave Coupland who found his in 12.25 seconds. Just behind in third was Greg Dueck as he needed 13.78 seconds to find his flake.