The event was coach Steve Sadownik’s last as head coach for the Inconnu Swim Club. Stingray’s coach Jason Brockman says Sadownik’s dedication to the sport has made him an integral part of the swim club.

“Over the last three years in which he’s stepped up and taken on the head coach role, I know that man has put a lot of his blood, sweat and tears into taking the responsibility, as he has a full time job as well,” Brockman explains, “He’s definitely been a valuable asset for the retention, [and] development of the team, and the standard of performance that they’ve (swim club members) been able to achieve so far.”

While Sadownik is stepping out of the head coach position, Brockman adds that the group isn’t letting him completely leave the swim club as he means to much to the swimmers of the region.

“We’re still going to keep him on board, we’re not letting him go that easy,” Brockman says. “He’s just going to be taking the assistant coach role, and working with one group of athletes. He’s to much of a valuable asset in the northern region for us to just let him go. He has a passion for the sport as well that he didn’t want to get out of the game just yet.”

In the pool from yesterday, Skyeler Kerr was first in the 100 metre breaststroke with a club record time of 1:10.01, while Sarah Darcel finished sixth in the 100 metre breaststroke with a club record of 1:16.91.