Jordan Eyles of the Stingrays was first in the girls category two 100 metre butterfly as she clocked in at 1:28.38. Eyles was also first in the 50 metre freestyle as she finished the race in 31.88. Stingrays also finished in second and third place in the race as Sydney Fitzpatrick had a time of 36.28, while Alyssa Webster clocked in at 38.12.

In the boys category two 50 metre freestyle, Stingray swimmers finished one-two as Ben Blackmon finished with a time of 25.73, while Mackenzie Ternier-Smith completed the race in 32.29.

In the girls division eight 50 metre freestyle, Stingrays occupied the third, fourth, and fifth place finishers. Barbara Polehoykie finished the event in 42.15, Norma Webster completed the race in 43.91, while Karen Brady clocked in at 46.30.

Jason Brockman of the Stingrays just missed out on first place in the boys division eight 50 metre freestyle. Brockman’s time of 25.88, was just a hair behind first place finisher Ian Williams of Prince George.

Stingray swimmers cleaned up in the girls category one 50 metre freestyle. Jamie Jodin was first, second went to Sarah Webster, and Emily Brady took third. They finished with times of  34.13, 41.22, and 46.44 respectively.

The boys also performed well in the category one 50 metre freestyle, as Griffin Ternier-Smith, Nick Eyles, and Dylan Fitzpatrick took the top three positions. Ternier-Smith clocked in at 35.17, Eyles finished in 38.46, and Fitzpatrick had a time of 42.38.

Brooklyn Brown first in the girls division one 50 metre freestyle with her time of 44.31. Her Stingray counterparts in Piper Finkensiep, Emily Begg, and Tessa Ballantyne occupied positions four through six respectively.

Tiana Brown, and Kennedy Morgan took third and fourth in the girls division two 50 metre freestyle. Brown finished in 49.06, while Morgan finished her race in 1:13.77.

In the boys division two 50 metre freestyle, Samuel Begg took second place with his time of 44.54, and Tyler Webster was third, clocking in at 58.19.

Brooklyn Jodoin was fifth in the girls division three 50 metre freestyle with her time of 41.53.

Connor Brown, and Noah Lang were fourth and fifth in the boys division three 50 metre freestyle. Brown finished the race in 38.19, while Lang clocked in at 44.30.

The swim meet concludes tomorrow at the North Peace Leisure Pool, and as such, the pool will be closed to the public between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.