The 41 year old eventually succumbed to his injuries in the ICU of the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Edmonton and was removed from life support on August 2, 2012.

When RCMP attended the fight, they found Ball unconscious and another male with a facial injury. Police believe a verbal argument occurred between a group of four males and the two victims. A fight then broke out between both groups.  One of the males provided first aid to the injured males, while the others left before police arrived.

The RCMP were able to identify the other people involved in the fight and arrested two males, believing that alcohol was a contributing factor to the fight.

At the time, William Ted Metcalfe of Kelowna and Joel Christopher Marchand of Prince George were charged with one count each of assault causing bodily harm and one count each of aggravated assault.

As the case worked its way through the court system, charges of aggravated assault were dropped against both men, and Marchand now faces an additional charge of manslaughter after Crown counsel reviewed enhanced cell phone video from the night of the incident.

The charge against Metcalfe was later stayed.

In a strange twist of events, Metcalfe also did not face charges after he passed out at the wheel of his vehicle in the fall of 2012 and struck a jogger, killing him.

That accident led to a diagnosis of cancer, and he has been completing rounds of chemotherapy.

Marchand has elected for a trial by judge and jury, and a pre-trial hearing is set for December 16, 2013.

A Supreme Court trial is scheduled for March 3, 2014.

He was most recently in court for violating court orders this May while in Victoria.

An application to revoke his bail was denied.