However, it’s still about 35 millimetres less than the 144.9 recorded in July of 2011.

This is also the second time in three years this area has recorded back-to-back months of 100 millimetres or more in June and July. However, those are the only two years that has occurred since the turn of the century.

The unofficial total for the past two months was 226.6 millimetres, or 72 more than the June-July average. So it’s reasonable to assume that “turn off the tap” could be the priority request for most of those who plan on spending most, or all, of this month in this area, and there’s meteorological reason for them to assume that’s a reasonable request. It was during this month nearly 32 years ago that this area registered the hottest day in its recorded weather history, with an August 9th, 1981 high, of 33.6 degrees, or about 93 Fahrenheit.