NEAT encouraging people to Put Some Sun In Your Shorts

The program runs until August 2 and in that time, 20 laundry packages will be given away. 

Residents can take part by entering the draw, which will give away free clotheslines, biodegradable detergent, and an all natural detergent stick. The winners will be announced live on 100.1 Moose FM with draws happening at 2:30 p.m. every Friday for the next four weeks. Draw boxes can be found at City Hall, Homesteader’s Health Food Store, Home Hardware, the NEAT office, and the Fort St. John Public Library.

Clothes dryers are typically the second most energy consuming appliance in the home, aside from the refrigerator. Energy demand is often at its highest point in the summer months with fans and air conditioning units in use, and the sun also acts as a disinfectant for clothes. Drying laundry naturally will in turn help reduce strain on energy infrastructure. 


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