Jason Brockman is one of the coaches for the Inconnu Swim Club. He says taking part in the meet is a great way for swimmers to see how they stack up against new competition, and is also the last for outgoing coach Steve Sadownik.

“The exposure to different competition is a great opportunity, so I’m very happy for them” Brockman says. “Steve Sadownik, he’s the head coach, it’s his send off and his way of celebrating all the hard work over the past couple years. He’s taking the athletes down there and to see them showcase their level of commitment and talent.”

Brockman adds that he is very excited for the athletes taking part in the meet. Among those representing the Inconnu Swim Club are Skyeler Kerr, Ben Blackmon, Chelsea Kerr, Rebekah Albu, Emma Murdock, Brittany Welsh, and Chris Amstutz.

The annual event attracts over 1,700 swimmers, with notables such as Michael Phelps having once taken part. 

The meet runs from July 31 until August 4.