Only $6.4 in July petroleum and natural gas rights sale bonus bids

It leaves the year-to-date total at less than $135 million, and while that is about $47 million more than last year at this time, 2012 was the worst year since 1998. 

The Wednesday sale resulted in the purchase of only 14 parcels and the average price per hectare was down to $856. Comparisons to the July totals of five years ago are absolutely staggering. In the record year of 2008, the July sale total was $610 million in bonus bids, and the average price per hectare was $4,596. 

As it stands, each of the final five months of this year would need to register a bonus bids total that is slightly higher than the first seven months combined in order for 2013 to just equal the annual average of the 2001 to 2010 decade of nearly $822 million.

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