Painter Sandy Troudt worked with her on several artistic endeavours like the annual art auction and chocolate festival, and jokes that she was almost like an “agent” to local artists. 

“She supported the arts and individual artists making a place for the display of their work,” she says. “You have an agent that is supporting you and calling attention to your work and helping to make this happen for artists in a very respectful way and a celebratory way.” 

“She was just really open to art, and she just got it and really appreciated it,” adds local ceramic artist Shannon Butler. 

Not only was Coultry a mentor to budding local artists like Butler, she was also close friend who did everything she could to encourage them and their work. 

“She made me just feel really special in how much she supported me with my work, but it went beyond that,” she says. “She seemed genuinely interested in people, and that is a very nice quality. Not everybody’s like that.” 

On a personal level, Coultry was recently engaged, and was surrounded by loving friends and family throughout her life. She’ll likely be best remembered for her style and her laugh, which could fill any room she was in. 

“Wherever you were with her, there would be laughter – tons of laughter – and she could find something amusing and funny about just life in general and about herself!” recalls Troudt. “It was happy laughter.” 

“It was just a wild, free beautiful laugh,” adds Butler, “and she loved to laugh.” 

Coultry has been described as classy, generous, and loyal, but more than anything, those who knew her say she did everything with pizzazz. 

“To define how she did things, but also how that came through in her personality,” explains Troudt. “She did it with zest, and she was sparkly and enthusiastic.”

Plans for a memorial have not yet been finalized.