Given the series was also a tie, the tie breaker was the runs scored differential which went to Grimshaw, and as a result, the final playoff spot as well.

The Sox had four games left on their schedule prior to Sunday as a result of postponements due to the weather. The league, however, was adamant on starting the playoffs tomorrow, and as such the Sox are not being given the chance to play their final two games against Grande Prairie to potentially break the tie.

The league’s decision has left a bad taste in the mouth of Byron Grady and the rest of the squad.

“[It] kind of isn’t fair, ’cause everybody else has played the right amount of games,” Grady argues. “Like if we got those two games against Grande Prairie in, if we win one of those games then we’re ahead of Grimshaw, but because they want to start the playoffs on Tuesday we don’t have a chance to play them, so it kind of sucks for us.”

He argues that teams pay the same fees for the season, yet the Black Sox aren’t given the chance to complete the schedule.

“[We] pay the same amount of league fees as everybody else but play two less games, and don’t make the playoffs because of those two less games basically.”

Despite how things turned out, the team also mentions had they won both games on Sunday against Grimshaw, they wouldn’t be in the position that they are in.